GermanMobility Online


A city in motion!

MOBILITY is a traffic-simulation game which requires you to construct a city in a virtual world, bring it to life and control the associated traffic volume. Both your own mobility and that of your city's inhabitants are the central issues you will need to address.

MOBILITY 3.00 with different playing field sizes!

Plan and build your own city and manage the inhabitants' mobility! Design an attractive, economically and ecologically sustainable environment for your citizens. Get to know alternative concepts and administer the local public transport network ... and just watch your city grow.

That's MOBILITY - the traffic simulation game!

This game offers somewhat more than other simulations: The measures that can be taken to influence traffic; the options for spatial planning and the environmental impact of decisions taken are all based on professional models created by transport and urban planners. This means that the program technologies used in MOBILITY are completely new in the field of CD-ROM game production. Only with the help of such technologies was it possible to create images and situations that closely resemble reality. All of this was a result of the scientific support for the project by the Weimar Bauhaus University and the traffic research department of DaimlerChrysler AG, Stuttgart.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in the project!